Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle

sdlcIn case you’re about to embark on a web or software development project, you would expect it to take the business to a whole new level. However, you will be surprised to know that the Software Development Life Cycle begins long before anything related to project build occurs. For most software development businesses, the SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle begins when a customer engages the firm.

In simple terms, the Software Development Life Cycle refers to the framework of milestones and tasks which will be created by the software developer’s project team. For a business organization, the software development process begins when the business decides that it can benefit from a substantial investment in technology to streamline workflow, improve communication, increase sales or improve branding.

When you realize the importance of the SDLC, you just pick up the phone and contact a reputed company which helps you strategize, and even builds your custom mobile, cloud or web computing solution. In this post, we’ve discussed the whole Software Development Life Cycle. A better understanding of the SDLC will help you achieve the best project outcome. SDLC is used in everything critical projects all over the world from bitcoin mining hardware and litecoin mining hardware development to D.O.D projects. Lets look at the various steps in the cycle.

The Basics of the Software Development Life Cycle

Every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle has its very specific set of milestones and goals. However, it is important to consider these phases together for the best possible outcomes. Each phase needs to be integrated with another. It is extremely important that your chosen software solutions provider has a tested and proven Software Development Life Cycle process in place. This will ensure the delivery of expected results.

Although vendors and companies may use some different terminologies to describe these stages, you need to consider the following steps in the process.


This is the first stage of the Software Development Life Cycle. In this stage, you need to understand various business requirements and objectives. You also need to identify your target audience and market opportunities, develop an appropriate strategic plan, personal an internal technology and resource audit, and summarize the scope of the project. Basically, this stage is about understand what you expect to achieve from the project.


This stage requires you to outline the complete project plan, develop prototypes, design user experience, outline site content, perform usability focus groups and develop test plans. The design stage tries to focus on various aspects which are considered to be important from the customers’ perspective. It also takes into account different things which improve the user experience, and how everything will be designed to achieve the set goals.


As the name suggests, this is the stage where actual construction of the software begins. In this stage, the software developers come up with strategies and techniques to construct the software. This stage includes building custom system, executing internal QA testing, performing reviews throughout, developing a user acceptance test, ramping up marketing efforts, developing launch plan and developing system training plan.


Once the software has been constructed and developed, you need to launch the product for the general users. This stage revolves around system training, executing a user acceptance test plan, system documentation delivery and more. The launch also needs to be properly marketed and advertised.


Last but not the least, it is extremely important to review the success of the project. This will allow you to identify any new opportunities, and plan various phase initiatives. In addition to this, you will also be able to maintain various applications. In the modern business world, this stage is the most important. The business world is constantly changing, and customers develop new interests regularly. Thus, you need to review the product on a regular basis to make necessary changes.

A better understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle can help you make realistic expectations about the project. Moreover, it also ensures you’re able to focus on every aspect of software development. Customer preferences, interests and needs play an extremely important role in the success of every business. Therefore, you need to understand the Software Development Life Cycle to make the most of your efforts.

Most importantly, you need to hire an experienced, qualified and reputed software development firm. A reputed company will make sure all your expectations are met. It also makes sure end users appreciate the software and use it without any problems.